Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sticky Words

My Mom bought me a scripture wall vinyl from Sticky Words and I LOVE it! I couldn't figure out how to embed the picture in this blog post, but it is the "Be still and know that I am God" scripture verse.

We love have verses in our home, but scripture art is hard to find and is usually very expensive! Sticky Words is a great alternative to traditional wall art as it is less expensive and creates a beautiful effect on your wall.

They also do custom work! My parents had a verse that was special to them designed and printed on vinyl by Sticky Words. It looks beautiful above their bed in their bedroom!

So if you are looking for wall decor, especially scripture verses, check out Sticky Words! Their service has been great and their products amazing!

*If you blog about their website, you can also receive a discount...can I get a woot!? :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

I am just beginning to think about Christmas cards for this year...ummm, I have no picture taken or photocard selected. I actually have no Christmas Card list either, thanks to my computer hard drive dying multiple times this year. My dear hubs resurrected it, but all my files are gone. Anyhowser, my sister posted this great deal from Shutterfly, and even though I am woefully unprepared in the Christmas card dept., I'm hoping this is the impetus to get me started!

Shutterfly is offering 50 free cards to bloggers who advertise their cards on their blog! I have purchased and received their folded cards, and they are sooo lovely!

Shutterfly's photocards are top notch. When I first entered the world of digital photography wayyy back in 2002, what most impressed me about Shutterfly was their selection of cute card designs. 8 years later, their cards are still top of the line in cuteness and quality.

For the 50 free cards promotion, I am supposed to link to 3 different Christmas card designs, but they are sooo cute, it's hard to pick 3! I have no idea which one I will use this year, I usually pick my card design based on what picture or pictures I have of the kids, but since I have no picture yet, I'm not sure which card I'll choose. I'm sure it will not be hard to choose one, because they are all so adorable!
I really like the fact that you can add more than one photo to the cards. With 4 children, it's hard to get them all to cooperate for one photo, so it's nice to be able to use 4 different photos to be able to capture their cuteness without pulling my hair out during a Christmas photo shoot. If the photos are all from different places, etc., they can easily be unified by turning them black and white, etc.

Here are a few of my favorites:

So cute...

And a simple, but sweet ribbon...

And a delightful monogramed card...

I've also seen their desk calendars which are a GREAT gift idea. I'm also really hoping to do a 2010 photobook this year, too. Check out Shutterfly for other great inspiration for your Christmas cards and gifts!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Weekend

We had our annual garage sale in my neighborhood on Friday and Saturday. It was fun and exhausting. The girls sold all sorts of goodies this year and had a great time.

Noah took a package of dental floss over to my sister during the garage sale and said, "Auntie, this is string....for your your teethes...and it tastes!"

Levi had a fever last week and must have shared with Sophia. She woke us up in the night with a fever. Levi was up for a couple hours last night too. It's not like him to be up and inconsolable in the night. I'm wondering if he has an ear infection or something. Poor kiddos. I'm rootin' for some sleep tonight...I'm tired! :)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Noah in a loud and confident voice: Psalm 100, Makin' a joyful nose unto the Lord, all ye lands...

Noah: I want to watch "the bouncing bears" (the Berenstein Bears)

I recently remembered one of my Elijah favorites. E didn't talk much when he was little. He was a silent crawler. You didn't know he was crawling up to you until he was pulling himself up on your knee. Such a quiet little fellow he was. Anyhoo, he was, of course, a late bloomer in the speech department. When he was finished eating he couldn't say, "all done" so instead he would say, "naa naa". I just don't want to forget that.

We passed a group of kids on the sidewalk in our neighborhood, and Sophia called out, "Look! There's a girl on crunches!" (crutches)

It was hot recently and so Sophia dressed light for bed. She came in and announced that she was wearing a "tanker top" (tank top) to bed. Ah, the life with lotsa brothers. She hears a lot about tankers, and skid steers, and John Deeres.

I've been *trying* to use the summer to sharpen Sophia's math fact memorization and often Elijah gets in on the action. They enjoy showing off how much they have learned. One day Elijah proudly announced to Noah that "five plus five spells 10". Oh those poor, uneducated homeschoolers.

Speaking of poor homeschoolers. I was talking to Sophia about a test booklet that I was getting rid of. She asked, "Mom, what's a test?".

Ooops. Forgot to teach her about that one. whoopsy.

A happy day to you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Camping Birthday

We celebrated Levi's birthday by going camping! It was so much fun!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brand New baby boy

I don't think I ever posted any pictures of Levi, as a brand new boy. If I have, oops, but two sets of newborn baby-licious isn't all bad.