Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Me again

Are you tired of me yet? Last night while I was putting the big kids to bed I put Noah in his Bumbo seat in the hallway. Well, the stinker wiggled out of the bumbo (he's been doing that for a while) and pushed himself up to sitting twice! I can't believe it. My other two were dead weights until they were a year old! He's sitting up...I'm not ready for this. I hope he doesn't start crawling soon...I'm not ready to remove all small items from the floor. That's my big news for the day...probably not too exciting to the rest of the world, but it is to me. Remember the post about the butterfly being fearfully and wonderfully made? My little "bubbly" is too! Isn't it amazing that a little baby can more than double their weight and be strong enough to sit up in half of a year? Where has the time gone? I'm so thankful to the Lord for my sweet baby Noah and the strength that he has to sit up and for the joy he brings to our home. We do not deserve his sweetness surrounding us every day, thank you Lord!

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Anne said...

Awww! Noah's going to be so big by the time I come back:(. That is so exciting that he is growing!