Monday, May 24, 2010

Camping Birthday

We celebrated Levi's birthday by going camping! It was so much fun!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brand New baby boy

I don't think I ever posted any pictures of Levi, as a brand new boy. If I have, oops, but two sets of newborn baby-licious isn't all bad.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

...our sweet little Noah left our friend's house and ran away across town to the post office. No, wait, okay, that's true, but on this day our sweet little LEVI was born!!!

Levi is my "maly anjelik", little angel. He is such a jolly little chap. He loves his siblings, especially his little Mother, Sophia. Noah has recently become enamoured with him and they like to play together. I don't remember the other kids playing together at such a young age as Noah and Levi. I think they might just be in crime!

The L man just started pulling himself up in the last month and one of his favorite places to pull himself up is the piano. He likes to plunk on the keys. He's such a delightful little boy. He naps easily, smiles easily, eats small objects he finds on the floor, loves his crib, really really really loves his Daddy, and is happiest in the middle of a bunch of craziness. We are so blessed to have you sweet, little man! Happy Birthday Dude!

Some other stats for posterity:

Favorite word, first word, pretty much only word up until now: Dada. No matter how much I say mamama to him, he says dada back to me. It's as if he's doing it on purpose! It's so cute. He wakes up in the morning calling for Da-da-da

He's said: ly-dah for 'Lijah before.

He's said: sissss for "sissy" before.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We have been *done* with school for all of 3 days and I report the following:

-candles crushed all over kitchen floor
-water war in the bathroom, it was 1 against no one, because the others knew better than participate.
-I know several other things happened, but I am too tired to remember.
-A headache. I have a headache. Not a headache, but a head and neck and shoulder ache.

I am a beggin' for mercy, and I know that these boys need to be wrestled with or something!

Ps. Did you know that stretching can really help upper body tension? Also, laying on the floor with your feet and legs against the wall for a bit can help your energy level too. Oops, I forgot to mention that because the sun rises early, we had a 5:30 riser for a couple of days...time to black out those windows! :)

Thank you, Lord for energetic boys. Sometimes I really don't know what to do with them and sometimes I don't know why on earth they do the things that they do, but you made each of them, and I am so thankful for your lending them to us. What laughter and excitement they add to our home! I praise your infinite wisdom in entrusting them to my care. to wrestle...

Friday, May 7, 2010



One hundred eighty.

180 days of school complete. Yipee-yahoo-yay-hooray!

Halleljuah and Praise the Lord!

We're officially done today! However, I'm a mean Mom and we are still doing Math and Reading over the summer. So, we're officially done, but we're really not done. Are you ever supposed to stop learning?

Thank you, Lord, for helping us to complete what we began at the beginning of the year. For help through the trials of the schoolday. For forgiving my failures and loving me anyway. For my 4 little blessings and the opportunity to teach them about you and about life. You know the past, present, and future and I can trust you to guide our steps as we school now and in the coming days.

Amen and Amen. :)

And now for the celebration. The kids are having cheese balls (one of their favorite junk foods). I refrained and had chips instead. I think ice cream may be in order as well!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Easter Gentlemen

After primping and curling and fussing over Sophia AND Molly on Easter Sunday, it was refreshing to slip polos and sweaters on the boys. Aaaahhh, nothing like the low maintenance of little men!