Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Of Curtains, bruises, organization and more


Well, the lack of curtainage in our house is still trying to be remedied. I haven't been able to find anything for our Living room/Dining room. Or should I rephrase that as I haven't been able to find anything nice that was not extremely expensive for our living/dining room. So, I thought I'd try sewing something. Can you believe that curtain fabric and lining, 50% off mind you, would cost almost $100 a window! Scrap that idea. Tonight my Mom and I and some kiddies went to Jo-Ann and then after finding out the crazy price it would cost to sew curtains, we hit up JcPenney again (no success) and thought we'd try Boscov's. Ya'll, Boscov's has so cheap curtainage. I *think* I have found the curtains, yay! They were only $14.99, which is a bit different than Jo-Ann's price and I don't have to sew!


Dear Son,

I do my very best to protect you in any way possible. I didn't think you could get into the bathroom and pull the new cabinet down on top of yourself yesterday. You are pretty dextrous little man. I had nothing to do with your bruised nose and lip today. Just for the record.



I am getting organized. I'm not naturally inclined to organization as is my sister, whom I affectionately refer to as the Organizational Guru, but I think I am realizing where I want to keep things in this house. I'm so glad. I was still asking Graeme to move back to Haas St. last week. :) I really do love our new house and above all love it's location, it's just taken me a long time to get my life back in order. It still isn't in order, but it's slowly getting there. I don't want to move again for a long, long time. :)

We passed a house in our neighborhood that is for sale, and the people finally sold it and were moving this weekend and it reminded me of how far we have come. It still seems like I am dissheveled, but I'm so glad I'm not packing everything in boxes right now. I'm thankful that is over. It was a very exciting time though!

And More...

Am I the only one who gets weird comments? I didn't think about my title on the last post perhaps drawing the wrong crowd. So, I changed the title, but even before that I get comments from people asking me to click on a link. I have never clicked, but is this normal? Is there something I am doing wrong? Who are these people? Just my question for tonight.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The male-ness runs thick in our family

There is a big construction site near our house with all sorts of construction equipment. As we were driving by, we were trying to figure out the names of all the vehicles. I didn't know what all the machines were, but our construction vehicle enthusiast child Elijah knew their names: articulated dump truck, bulldozer, excavator, compactor, pipe driller, etc. The love runs deep with him. Apparently, the testosterone runs thick because Sophia piped up from the back seat, "construction equipment is very versatile, Mom". My little girl has been totally endoctrinated with the maleness...quick get that girl a baby doll. :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We now have four nails in the wall!

I am happy to report that we have our first pictures hanging up...in the children's bathroom no less. :)

This has been an unusual week for me. Last week I listed many items on ebay...I'm doing the spring clean out. I *thought* all of our information was changed with both paypal and ebay, and it was....except for one minor detail. The page where you create the listing was pre-filled with our old e-mail address. This "minor" problem has become a major problem and it's been interesting trying to convince people through e-mail that I cannot receive the payments that they are sending to me. :) There is a solution, but it's a little difficult. Some buyers have caught on and others haven't....I hope this doesn't hurt my feedback score. So it's been a week of frustration in some senses. In times like these I need to be reminded as we were in Sunday School this Sunday that all that happens to me happens because it is part of God's greater plan for my life. Somehow, it takes effort to think of that in the middle of a mini-crisis such as this. It's not a huge life crisis or anything, but it's just a little chipping away done by the Lord to create a more refined heart in me...if I stop and realize that that is just what is happending. I think that is one of my greatest challenges; realizing that my problem is part of God's plan for me and not simply reacting. An important lesson...learned from ebay? See buying and selling can be a spiritual thing. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

102nd Way to use a plastic grocery bag

Isn't he such a handsome sticky, crumby, gooey, plastic bag wearin' boy! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Too Mutt Dunk!

When Elijah was a little younger he must have heard a lot about de-cluttering and organizing around the house because when his toys were a mess he used to say, "too mutt dunk!" (too much junk). I heartily agree! I am overwhlemed by all "da junk". Our move happened to fast that I had no time to further de-junk (or de-clutter to put it nicer ;)) so I am tackling it now. I listed things for sale on ebay this week, stuff on Craig's list and a whole WHOLE lotta yard sale stuff and I haven't even gotten through all the boxes yet. I hope our development holds a community wide yard sale and I hope it's not too soon because I need to get ready for it...wanna come!?

We went to the fish hatchery today and the fish fragrance still will not leave me. I've changed and washed my hands sooo many times, but I still smell the fish...yucky! TTFN!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Has a Sandbox

Baby has a sandbox,

He fills it up with trucks,

He adds a few long necked giraffes

And little baby ducks,

He sprinkles in some little men

And little women too, Then stirs them all together

To make a sandbox goo.

Baby plays there until ten and then it's time for nap,

Mama comes and takes him in

Poor Mama's sandy lap.

But Mama doesn't mind at all her sand baby's toys,

'Cause Mama knows that life is best with sandy baby boys.

From the book: Good Morning Sweetie Pie A nice collection of poetry, by Cynthia Rylant and beautifully illustrated by Jane Dyer. My big kids really like this book, it's fun and the pictures are sooo pretty!

*I'm not sure that I have all the words right as I can't find the book right now so I wrote it from memory...yeah, that's how many times we've read this book. ;)
**Elijah 4/06 and Noah 4/08

Friday, April 11, 2008

A taste of things to come....

Because it is taking forever for us to hang anything on our walls (we've been too busy painting), here is a picture of the paint on our bedroom walls. There are "before" pictures on Antique Mommy's post on my now famous bedroom.

I am totally in love with the color. It was fun to paint a dark, rich color and I like waking up to it every morning. I also love my white furniture because even though it is dusty you can't see the dust. :)

Soon, it shall be done, I hope. I will post more pictures when we get the pictures on the walls.


I love this weather. It is so invigorating to not be freezing cold every morning and to go outside without a coat! Does anyone else out there have boys that beg, beg, beg to be in the sand box all. the. day. long? I can't keep them indoors, they are so very in love with the outdoors and especially their beloved sandbox. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful men from our church who moved the sandbox with the sand in it because if it were not for you we wouldn't be enjoying our sanboxin' fun. Thank you whoever you are!

We had another full week of school. We did school in the morning this week as well as last and I have been love love lovin' it. It's a little more challenging with the boys awake, but Elijah likes to join in and he was even able to read a word, "in", and he is learning to write his letter which is exciting for him. He wrote a "card" (coloring paper in an 'enbelope') for Joey and he wrote J-o-e-y on the "enbelope". The letter were all over the envelope, but he did it and I was surprised at his determination. He has been way more interested in writing than Sophia was which is surprising to me as he has been more of a late bloomer in development.

Next week my goal is to add exercise to my daily routine again. I have been so out of it since last fall. I miss my walking partner!

It has been a fun drug store week as I have gotten to go "CVSing" with two gals and help another in her beginning attempts at "CVSing". It is sooo much fun! I love shopping not for getting things per se, but for the thrill of the chase. I think it compares to men and hunting...you look and wait for your thing (deer or deal) and then when you find it you shoot or save!

Another reason I like bargain shopping so much is that it is a tangible, permanent endeavor. You go out, you know what you are looking for, "buy" it (or get paid to buy it :)) and then you bring it home. It's a real thing that you bring home. Much of mothering is very short lived. Wake up feed, clean up from breakfast, housework, schooling (which isn't always gratifying...assimilation takes time you know), lunch, housework, reading to kids, training kids, more feeding, more food prep, laundry...and it goes on and on. Most all of these things don't give results that last for the short term. Mothering and training the kids takes time and it won't be until they are fully grown that the fruit from our labor will be seen. There are glimmers of hope here and then, but overall it is a long term goal made up of many joyous moments but plenty of difficult moments each and every day.

I love Abigail Miller's music. She has several songs just for us Mommies. This song from her most recent recording is one of my favorites. So often I get lost in the details of just "surviving" (everyone fed and clothed) that I lose sight of the goal of what I am doing. It's good to be reminded and I especially being reminded by soft, calming, godly music. Here are the lyrics....read them and weep. :)

The Vision of a Mother's Heart
Words and Music by Abigail Miller

In the heart of every mother is a place that God has made,
Where she can lay up precious treasures, of the kind that will not fade.
Precious memories of her children, gathered up mid daily cares,
And she kneels the Father, they're the subject of her prayers.
For she sees them ever changing, and their eyes are filled with dreams,
And when she kneels their beds at night how close the future seems.

The vision of a mother's heart,
Is to share with her children the love only Jesus can give.
The vision of a mother's heart,
Is to see them all walking with God every day that they live.
Oh, a mother needs a vision, yes she needs to see beyond,
The daily round of household duties, for those days are swiftly gone.
All the years will seem like moments when she turns around to see,
And will the ways she has spent her time matter in eternity?
She must fill their days with laughter, she must fill their eyes with love,
She must fill their hearts and minds with the knowledge from above.

(It is) the vision of a mother's heart,
Is to share with her children the love only Jesus can give.
The vision of a mother's heart,
Is to see them all walking with God every day that they live.
Is to see them all walking with God every day that they live.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daddy's Visitation Partner

A couple weeks ago Elijah got to be Daddy's visitation partner. Here he is dressed up warm because it was coooollllld! I am sad to report that Elijah finally has given up Momma and Dada in favor of Mommy and Daddy. Once in a while we are still Momma and Dada for which I am glad. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"I a big boy"

And With a Loud Clunk...

...he climbed out of the crib and landed on his head! We own several Eric Carle books. Our very first one was The Very Clumsy Click Beetle. The young click beetle is trying to learn how to flip through the air and then land on his feet. He tries several times, but lands on his back each time then finally, "with a loud click" he does 3 graceful somersaults and lands on his feet. It's a great story and our kids love it!

We don't have a click beetle at our house, we have a clunk beetle. Yesterday he tried his hand at a graceful somersault out of his bed. Head first. On the floor. He hardly cried. It sounded painful. I think if it happens again we are going to have to get one of these. Maybe he could learn to land on his feet. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

On The Edge

It's hard to see in the pictures, but Noah is on our loft with his legs dangling over the edge, about 10-ish feet from the ground in the family room. When we first moved, he would see us downstairs and try to literally climb through the spindles to get to us. He's learned that that doesn't work. Now, he once in a while gives my heart palpitations by sitting on the edge. My Grandma jokes that they will need some type of Tarzan rope before long to swing downstairs. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ode-ah to Noah

I had this as a draft for a while now, and it's really not finished and I don't know that it ever will be. I messed something up with the margins or something and I can't fix the type either, but oh well. This is for posterity! :)
"Sweet Little Third-Born"

Sweet little third-born with your eyes so blue,
How often I pull your fingers out of the loo.
You climb the highest kitchen table, You reach the dirty crumb,
How angelic you look when you suck your thumb.

Sweet little third-born with that mischievous smile,
With all my folded laundry thrown on the floor in a pile,
You stand up in the Tv cabinet, everything goes in your mouth,
Some days I tell your Daddy that I'm leaving for the South.

You try to climb out windows, you've eaten bugs from the floor,
One time we even lost you when you crawled out the door!
Nothing will stop you You're quite determined
You're champion at wrestling, you're amazing at squirming.

Sweet little third-born you keep your Momma hoppin'
It's tiring to chase you, I need to do more moppin'
But my sweet little boy wants his Momma to hold him
To carry him around, To love him, not to scold him
Sweet little third-born in my arms you'll stay
It's fun to snuggle, It's fun to play,
but I have a sectret to tell you, dear son of mine,
The reason I'm holding you is so that you can't get away!

How do you get a "blob" of paint out of your hair?

Today I had the unfortunate experience of brushing the back of my head against wet paint. My hair is now "shanghai lavender". I remember the last time I got paint in my hair like this it took a couple of months before every little bit came out. I hope it comes out faster this time. I just wanted to warn you....I'm not graying, I'm going lavender, but not just lavender, "shanghai lavender".

Be happy with me all the rooms that we are going to paint for now are painted! Tomorrow the kids start their job of getting them marked, dirtied, and smudged. Wonder how long it will take them to "make their mark". Bets anyone? :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Noah at 16 Months

I know this isn't the proper "rhyme pattern" of a real poem, but it's the best I can do. So here is ode to my little boy...

Your shoes are getting small again, your growing out of size six,
Your getting bigger, stronger, and doing lots of tricks,
You grab the toilet scrubber, you wrestle with your brother,
You tackle him to the floor, and climb upon each other.

You're learning lots of new words, and talk so very well, ,
"Car", "Daddy", "Mommy", "Doll", "Thank you" and "Amen",
"Ball", "please", "Elijah", just to name a few of them.

How many times we've found your hands and fingers in the potty,
Some folks may say you're a stinker, or a little naughty,
You're curious, inquisitive, mischievious at best,
You smile a silly and sweet smile, as the boundaries you test.

Your head is no longer against mine when we rock before bed,
You push away and turn around and sit next to me instead.
You've learned how to turn your glow worm on...and turn it off too!
I often find the battery pack in bed next to you.

I'm putting away the baby clothes and replacing them with the "T's"
No more sleepers and you almost can't fit your 24 month onsies!
How tall you are, how amazingly long are your arms!
Your legs are sprouting too, I wonder how tall you will become.
I hope a towering great big man, leaning down to hug your Mum.
But I don't want to think about that now, I want to snuggle my boy,
But alas, you wriggle off my lap to get a "brm, brm" toy.

My prayer for you is that you will, like Noah of old,
Obey God and have faith in him, and be a witness, strong and bold.
A great man, who loves God and believes in what He says,
Follows him and leads others, studies His Word and prays.

I love you lots and lots,
and miss you when we're apart,
You'll always have a very special place in your Momma's heart.

I love you buddy!

Pardon me while I blow the dust off of my blog and my life...

...we've been painting lately in Graemesville. We've been doing a LOT of painting. I have yet to post pictures of my now famous bedroom because I want to finish hanging things on the walls, but they just haven't gotten hung yet because we've been doing a whole lotta painting. How's that for a long run-on-ish sentence!

Tomorrow Graeme and I will tackle Sophia's and Elijah's rooms. Graeme gets an extra week of vacation this year so he has taken days here and there to paint and hang curtains and that kind of stuff. To date we have hung four curtain rods...and we only hung three of them last week. So, could we say that things have been progressing a bit slow in Graemesville. :)

We were so thankful to Jon K. for painting our family room, foyer, and hallway for us. It looks so nice and I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you what a difference a professional job makes. It looks REALLY nice! I am itching to hand pictures on the wall (we have hung zero pictures so far).

I *think* we are actually getting a sort of routine down these days...I hope it lasts! We have been doing School first thing in the morning and I am really lovin' it! We used to school in the afternoon when the boys napped, but I really like "getting it done" first thing...it's very liberating!

Noah has actually started to play with real toys..as opposed to, say, the toilet scrubber. A boy's got to start somewhere, right? Yes, he loves "caas" (cars). It all started with a little tikes cozy coupe which we have on a 2 year lease from Joey. He is deeply in love with his little red set of wheels and will shriek like nobobdy's business if someone else tries to "steal" it. It's funny that he has taken to a toy...a real toy, not a pot, lid, egg separator, broom, dust pan, or moldy dried cheerio from the floor. This is very exciting!

That's all for now. I think I need to write a sappy post about my little big non-baby. He's growing too fast!