Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ode-ah to Noah

I had this as a draft for a while now, and it's really not finished and I don't know that it ever will be. I messed something up with the margins or something and I can't fix the type either, but oh well. This is for posterity! :)
"Sweet Little Third-Born"

Sweet little third-born with your eyes so blue,
How often I pull your fingers out of the loo.
You climb the highest kitchen table, You reach the dirty crumb,
How angelic you look when you suck your thumb.

Sweet little third-born with that mischievous smile,
With all my folded laundry thrown on the floor in a pile,
You stand up in the Tv cabinet, everything goes in your mouth,
Some days I tell your Daddy that I'm leaving for the South.

You try to climb out windows, you've eaten bugs from the floor,
One time we even lost you when you crawled out the door!
Nothing will stop you You're quite determined
You're champion at wrestling, you're amazing at squirming.

Sweet little third-born you keep your Momma hoppin'
It's tiring to chase you, I need to do more moppin'
But my sweet little boy wants his Momma to hold him
To carry him around, To love him, not to scold him
Sweet little third-born in my arms you'll stay
It's fun to snuggle, It's fun to play,
but I have a sectret to tell you, dear son of mine,
The reason I'm holding you is so that you can't get away!

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