Thursday, April 24, 2008

We now have four nails in the wall!

I am happy to report that we have our first pictures hanging the children's bathroom no less. :)

This has been an unusual week for me. Last week I listed many items on ebay...I'm doing the spring clean out. I *thought* all of our information was changed with both paypal and ebay, and it was....except for one minor detail. The page where you create the listing was pre-filled with our old e-mail address. This "minor" problem has become a major problem and it's been interesting trying to convince people through e-mail that I cannot receive the payments that they are sending to me. :) There is a solution, but it's a little difficult. Some buyers have caught on and others haven't....I hope this doesn't hurt my feedback score. So it's been a week of frustration in some senses. In times like these I need to be reminded as we were in Sunday School this Sunday that all that happens to me happens because it is part of God's greater plan for my life. Somehow, it takes effort to think of that in the middle of a mini-crisis such as this. It's not a huge life crisis or anything, but it's just a little chipping away done by the Lord to create a more refined heart in me...if I stop and realize that that is just what is happending. I think that is one of my greatest challenges; realizing that my problem is part of God's plan for me and not simply reacting. An important lesson...learned from ebay? See buying and selling can be a spiritual thing. :)