Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pardon me while I blow the dust off of my blog and my life...

...we've been painting lately in Graemesville. We've been doing a LOT of painting. I have yet to post pictures of my now famous bedroom because I want to finish hanging things on the walls, but they just haven't gotten hung yet because we've been doing a whole lotta painting. How's that for a long run-on-ish sentence!

Tomorrow Graeme and I will tackle Sophia's and Elijah's rooms. Graeme gets an extra week of vacation this year so he has taken days here and there to paint and hang curtains and that kind of stuff. To date we have hung four curtain rods...and we only hung three of them last week. So, could we say that things have been progressing a bit slow in Graemesville. :)

We were so thankful to Jon K. for painting our family room, foyer, and hallway for us. It looks so nice and I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you what a difference a professional job makes. It looks REALLY nice! I am itching to hand pictures on the wall (we have hung zero pictures so far).

I *think* we are actually getting a sort of routine down these days...I hope it lasts! We have been doing School first thing in the morning and I am really lovin' it! We used to school in the afternoon when the boys napped, but I really like "getting it done" first's very liberating!

Noah has actually started to play with real opposed to, say, the toilet scrubber. A boy's got to start somewhere, right? Yes, he loves "caas" (cars). It all started with a little tikes cozy coupe which we have on a 2 year lease from Joey. He is deeply in love with his little red set of wheels and will shriek like nobobdy's business if someone else tries to "steal" it. It's funny that he has taken to a toy...a real toy, not a pot, lid, egg separator, broom, dust pan, or moldy dried cheerio from the floor. This is very exciting!

That's all for now. I think I need to write a sappy post about my little big non-baby. He's growing too fast!

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