Thursday, April 17, 2008

Too Mutt Dunk!

When Elijah was a little younger he must have heard a lot about de-cluttering and organizing around the house because when his toys were a mess he used to say, "too mutt dunk!" (too much junk). I heartily agree! I am overwhlemed by all "da junk". Our move happened to fast that I had no time to further de-junk (or de-clutter to put it nicer ;)) so I am tackling it now. I listed things for sale on ebay this week, stuff on Craig's list and a whole WHOLE lotta yard sale stuff and I haven't even gotten through all the boxes yet. I hope our development holds a community wide yard sale and I hope it's not too soon because I need to get ready for it...wanna come!?

We went to the fish hatchery today and the fish fragrance still will not leave me. I've changed and washed my hands sooo many times, but I still smell the fish...yucky! TTFN!

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