Friday, April 11, 2008


I love this weather. It is so invigorating to not be freezing cold every morning and to go outside without a coat! Does anyone else out there have boys that beg, beg, beg to be in the sand box all. the. day. long? I can't keep them indoors, they are so very in love with the outdoors and especially their beloved sandbox. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful men from our church who moved the sandbox with the sand in it because if it were not for you we wouldn't be enjoying our sanboxin' fun. Thank you whoever you are!

We had another full week of school. We did school in the morning this week as well as last and I have been love love lovin' it. It's a little more challenging with the boys awake, but Elijah likes to join in and he was even able to read a word, "in", and he is learning to write his letter which is exciting for him. He wrote a "card" (coloring paper in an 'enbelope') for Joey and he wrote J-o-e-y on the "enbelope". The letter were all over the envelope, but he did it and I was surprised at his determination. He has been way more interested in writing than Sophia was which is surprising to me as he has been more of a late bloomer in development.

Next week my goal is to add exercise to my daily routine again. I have been so out of it since last fall. I miss my walking partner!

It has been a fun drug store week as I have gotten to go "CVSing" with two gals and help another in her beginning attempts at "CVSing". It is sooo much fun! I love shopping not for getting things per se, but for the thrill of the chase. I think it compares to men and look and wait for your thing (deer or deal) and then when you find it you shoot or save!

Another reason I like bargain shopping so much is that it is a tangible, permanent endeavor. You go out, you know what you are looking for, "buy" it (or get paid to buy it :)) and then you bring it home. It's a real thing that you bring home. Much of mothering is very short lived. Wake up feed, clean up from breakfast, housework, schooling (which isn't always gratifying...assimilation takes time you know), lunch, housework, reading to kids, training kids, more feeding, more food prep, laundry...and it goes on and on. Most all of these things don't give results that last for the short term. Mothering and training the kids takes time and it won't be until they are fully grown that the fruit from our labor will be seen. There are glimmers of hope here and then, but overall it is a long term goal made up of many joyous moments but plenty of difficult moments each and every day.

I love Abigail Miller's music. She has several songs just for us Mommies. This song from her most recent recording is one of my favorites. So often I get lost in the details of just "surviving" (everyone fed and clothed) that I lose sight of the goal of what I am doing. It's good to be reminded and I especially being reminded by soft, calming, godly music. Here are the them and weep. :)

The Vision of a Mother's Heart
Words and Music by Abigail Miller

In the heart of every mother is a place that God has made,
Where she can lay up precious treasures, of the kind that will not fade.
Precious memories of her children, gathered up mid daily cares,
And she kneels the Father, they're the subject of her prayers.
For she sees them ever changing, and their eyes are filled with dreams,
And when she kneels their beds at night how close the future seems.

The vision of a mother's heart,
Is to share with her children the love only Jesus can give.
The vision of a mother's heart,
Is to see them all walking with God every day that they live.
Oh, a mother needs a vision, yes she needs to see beyond,
The daily round of household duties, for those days are swiftly gone.
All the years will seem like moments when she turns around to see,
And will the ways she has spent her time matter in eternity?
She must fill their days with laughter, she must fill their eyes with love,
She must fill their hearts and minds with the knowledge from above.

(It is) the vision of a mother's heart,
Is to share with her children the love only Jesus can give.
The vision of a mother's heart,
Is to see them all walking with God every day that they live.
Is to see them all walking with God every day that they live.


Jendi said...

Hello! You are posting pretty often. I'm going to have to take you out of my "Rarely Updated folder." LOL :)

My children love the sandbox also. I'm mean and make them wait until after naps to get in it. I don't like when they get sand in their beds.

Katina said...

That's too funny! I often find sand in Noah's diaper, which is really hard to get off! Then there's the sand in the bed, changing table and everywhere else!!! :)

I need to have a yard sale this year too! We have too much stuff!