Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Of Curtains, bruises, organization and more


Well, the lack of curtainage in our house is still trying to be remedied. I haven't been able to find anything for our Living room/Dining room. Or should I rephrase that as I haven't been able to find anything nice that was not extremely expensive for our living/dining room. So, I thought I'd try sewing something. Can you believe that curtain fabric and lining, 50% off mind you, would cost almost $100 a window! Scrap that idea. Tonight my Mom and I and some kiddies went to Jo-Ann and then after finding out the crazy price it would cost to sew curtains, we hit up JcPenney again (no success) and thought we'd try Boscov's. Ya'll, Boscov's has so cheap curtainage. I *think* I have found the curtains, yay! They were only $14.99, which is a bit different than Jo-Ann's price and I don't have to sew!


Dear Son,

I do my very best to protect you in any way possible. I didn't think you could get into the bathroom and pull the new cabinet down on top of yourself yesterday. You are pretty dextrous little man. I had nothing to do with your bruised nose and lip today. Just for the record.



I am getting organized. I'm not naturally inclined to organization as is my sister, whom I affectionately refer to as the Organizational Guru, but I think I am realizing where I want to keep things in this house. I'm so glad. I was still asking Graeme to move back to Haas St. last week. :) I really do love our new house and above all love it's location, it's just taken me a long time to get my life back in order. It still isn't in order, but it's slowly getting there. I don't want to move again for a long, long time. :)

We passed a house in our neighborhood that is for sale, and the people finally sold it and were moving this weekend and it reminded me of how far we have come. It still seems like I am dissheveled, but I'm so glad I'm not packing everything in boxes right now. I'm thankful that is over. It was a very exciting time though!

And More...

Am I the only one who gets weird comments? I didn't think about my title on the last post perhaps drawing the wrong crowd. So, I changed the title, but even before that I get comments from people asking me to click on a link. I have never clicked, but is this normal? Is there something I am doing wrong? Who are these people? Just my question for tonight.


Rachel said...

Hi Katina!

It's Rachel Adra from church. :) I saw your blog link on facebook so I thought I'd check it out. Fun blog! I linked to it from both of my blogs..hope that's okay with you.

As far as curtains go, I've been having the same problem. Everything seems so expensive or ugly. I'll be sure to check out Boscov's soon!

Jendi said...

I agree - Boscov's is great for curtains. Especially in February with a sale and 20% off. I actually shopped on line and then went and picked up what I wanted.

I did get part from Jo-Ann's too. I used a 50% off coupon. Good stuff.

I get a bunch of spam comments. Lately they want me to buy all kinds of insurance.