Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing Importantish

It's been a crazy few weeks! Here's a quick synopsis of what's been going on in our neck of the woods:

- Graeme was in Puerto Rico and returned to full force Wescoe School classes which keep him late at work on Wednesday which means Mama rallies the troops by herself on Wed. nights. It also means he doesn't get his work done during business hours (he has class during business hours too) and works late...a lot. It also also means that he has homework, so not only does he work late, he brings work home with him. I am thankful that my husband has a job and the opportunity to take a class to further his education, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I am looking forward to it being over in July. :)

- Noah has become the night roamer. Ever since Graeme was been gone and before he has been waking in the night and waking up REALLY early in the morning. He has about sent me to the looney bin with his antics. We are making him stay in bed until 7:30 to hopefully get him back on track. Once I found him roaming the downstairs of the house at 5 am in the pitch black. Another time, we woke at 3 am to find lights on downstairs. I think he is having nightmares and stuff. He moves to Eli's room next week which I am hoping will help him be less afraid. Which brings me to the next happening...

- Sophia is moving into her room for good. Why have a girly room if you don't use it, right!? For the past several months she has been sleeping with Elijah in his room. They love being together at nighttime, and I thought we would have a hard time getting her to go in her room because she doesn't like to be alone. However, we decided to decorate her room and she is now very excited about sleeping in her own "girl room".

- We've spent the last few weeks doing some home decorating, and Graeme has done some painting in hopes of finally getting pictures on the walls, etc. I must say I am happy with our results. He hung pictures and things in the Family room, Living room, Kitchen, Sophia's room, hallway, and I can't remember where else! I am so thankful for my Man's mad skillz. ;) He also painted the baby's room (still Noah's room until next week) cocoa brown to go with this bedding set I got cheap-o at Target.com. I am looking forward to having a decorated nursery to bring my baby home to, unlike the other kids where it all had to be done after the birth and usually didn't get done until they were 12 months old, LOL.

Getting the house mostly decorated has been our big goal for the month of February. We are mostly finished except for baby's room and a few other things. Graeme is great at planning and getting organized and he has been great at helping to get this done.

- Next month I hope to sell some of our junk on ebay and start cooking for my freezer. Before both boys I cooked and froze meals and it was so nice to not have to cook after the baby was born.

- Abbi and I are already talking curricula for next year. I am thinking I am going to try Apologia for Science next year, supplemented with DK Eyewitness Books because they are so cool and have such great pictures. My kids (and hubs) are Science fanatics so I want to do a better job at Science next year. We'll see how it goes. Elijah will be 5 in October so I think I will start something with him next year, probably the same book I used for Sophia, only spread out over two years since he will not technically be in Kindergarten until the next school year.

- Can you tell that I am a pregnant, deranged, nesting fool!? I like being pregnant for the simple fact that I get things done. :)

- We've had and are having a few people to our home in recent and coming weeks which has kept us busy.

Here's a Noah funny. Every night at bedtime he wants to see my belly and he kisses the baby and talks about the baby something like this: "Baby stuck in there", then he grabs my belly and pulls and says, "uhh, open it", "I open present and get baby out". It's very funny. Then he gives up and says, "baby stay in and grow a little bit". He's very interested in the whole "baby in dare".

Oh, and Elijah also thinks that he can get chickenpox from chickfila. :)

Enough literary-blogging genius...gotta go feed my kiddos lunch now.


No No Nanette said...

So what you're saying is in order for me to finish my house, I have to get pregnant.


Katina said...

Yes, precisely! When we found out we were pg, I said, "oh goody, now I'll get house stuff done!"

It's the only way, girl!

grndmom/pop said...

NOW wait one minute!! maybe a few..if I need to get pregnant to get our house finished...(can I say?? "just shoot me!!" Mrs."N"

Kelly said...

Yum, Chickfila. I'd totally risk getting chicken pox there. It's just soooo stinkin' good! :o)

That bedding set is capital A-dorable. So chic yet masculine and youthful all rolled into one.