Thursday, April 23, 2009

Graeme's Project

Anyone who knows my hubsville very well knows of his love for scripture memorization. He has memorized a few N.T. epistles and has a passion for God's Word. He is an inspiration and an encouragement to me to memorize more and to teach the kids's a very good thing!

We both really enjoy listening to Alexander Scourby's audio Bible . It helps me to listen to a passage before and while I am memorizing, besides he has a fabulous accent and for some reason that helps me memorize because when I recite verses that I have listened to, I remember them with good 'ole Alexander's accent.

This year and last he started memorize the book of Psalms...he's doing one chapter at at time because he doesn't think he could recite all 150 books in one shot. Graeme has done various internet searches for Free downloadable Bible MP3's and it's hard to find decent ones (and Alexander Scourby is not free), so he decided to make it his personal goal to record the Psalms this year. He has a website going here where he is uploading his recordings. Check it out and listen to my man's passionate recordings and debonair voice read God's Word! Please let us know if you are or are not able to download his files if you decide to check out the site.

I heart my man. :)


Dawn said...

Do you have a link?

Jendi said...

How great is that!
We have the Scourby cds. So I can load them into my iTunes.
But how neat that you and the kids can have someone so special reading the psalms to you.