Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming Out of Hiding

I've been on maternity leave from blogging since this little engineer was born. :) Well, my little chap is nearly 12 months old so I think it's time I tell you about this little charmer.

Levi means "joined in harmony" and I think he was joined to our family in harmony. Albeit a loud sort of banging, noisy, rumpus-ish sort of harmony, a harmony none-the-less. He has been such a glorious addition to our rowdy household. His arrival was uneventful, his needs were minimal (what do you need after four kids and three boys in a row!) , his personality is congenial, his siblings adoring. He just joined the bunch. No fanfare, no excitement, just along with us for the wonderful, wild ride of our life.

He's a keeper.

Levi making a "Graeme face"


joy said...


...he is just too delicious. I know exactly how it is to have a little someone just fit so perfectly into your life. Looking forward to more posts and pictures now that you have returned to the land of blogging :o)

My Bright Corner said...

He's adorable! Love the hat!