Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Noah in a loud and confident voice: Psalm 100, Makin' a joyful nose unto the Lord, all ye lands...

Noah: I want to watch "the bouncing bears" (the Berenstein Bears)

I recently remembered one of my Elijah favorites. E didn't talk much when he was little. He was a silent crawler. You didn't know he was crawling up to you until he was pulling himself up on your knee. Such a quiet little fellow he was. Anyhoo, he was, of course, a late bloomer in the speech department. When he was finished eating he couldn't say, "all done" so instead he would say, "naa naa". I just don't want to forget that.

We passed a group of kids on the sidewalk in our neighborhood, and Sophia called out, "Look! There's a girl on crunches!" (crutches)

It was hot recently and so Sophia dressed light for bed. She came in and announced that she was wearing a "tanker top" (tank top) to bed. Ah, the life with lotsa brothers. She hears a lot about tankers, and skid steers, and John Deeres.

I've been *trying* to use the summer to sharpen Sophia's math fact memorization and often Elijah gets in on the action. They enjoy showing off how much they have learned. One day Elijah proudly announced to Noah that "five plus five spells 10". Oh those poor, uneducated homeschoolers.

Speaking of poor homeschoolers. I was talking to Sophia about a test booklet that I was getting rid of. She asked, "Mom, what's a test?".

Ooops. Forgot to teach her about that one. whoopsy.

A happy day to you!

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joy said...

Good thing we have a place to write down all these cute-isms! Emma is going through a cute phase of calling a mosquito a -skeeto. :o)