Friday, June 6, 2008

18 month old Noah

Here are a couple of pictures from Noah's 18 month pictures. I have a 16X20 of each of the kids at 18 months so this was Noah's big photo shoot. He did not disappoint with handsome smiles and cute poses. But, for the big picture I couldn't resist him with his index finger in his mouth. That was my favorite because it just looks like him. Maybe I'm crazy for not getting one of him with a handsome smile, but I just love the finger in the mouth, it's so cute.

Here are a few of my favorites from the photo session...

His new favorite things to say are: "I want dat", "Feea" for Sophia, "Lidah" for Elijah", and every night when we ask him what he wants to pray for he says, "doey" and "illy". He sings Happy Birthday and loves us to sing "Bible". He constantly asks me to read one more "gook" and he loves his "ganket". His favorite ganket is his "geen ganket" (green blanket). At bedtime, he must have a ganket or four and he loves to have "goey" (glowy - his glowworm) with him too. He says so many other things that I can't remember right now. He's really talkative. He rivals if not exceeds Sophia at this age. Elijah was a late bloomer in the language department so Noah constantly surprises me with his little sentences and words.

I want to remember all these details. I love you sweet Noaners, even if I never write in your baby book and you have less pictures than the other kids. I understand, I was the third-born too!

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