Thursday, June 12, 2008

This caused me tears...

Last weekend I had to clean up the basement. One day the kids raided the yard sale boxes/bags and got out some of the toys and a whole lot of other junk. The basement was already really, really messy, but this sent me over the edge because we are having a yard sale in our neighborhood next Friday and Saturday. I had to get all of the junk re-organized and just clean up a bit. You literally couldn't hardly walk through the basement and it is not a small basement (this photo doesn't really do justice to how bad it was)! So, I cried and cleaned, then cried and cleaned and finally I have the yard sale stuff separated out. It was an overwhelming project, but I'm so thankful that it is done.
However I didn't dare attempt to price or get the yard sale stuff more ready with the kids around all week...that would mean certain failure. I still have to weed out all the toys they brought up to the house from the other week. Next week is going to be comprised of de-junk, organize, price, set up tables, etc. for the yard sale. Anything that doesn't sell is going straight to goodwill. I can't wait to have less junk in this house and basement. In the words of Elijah, "we have too mutt dunk!". I've realized I'm more into clutter busting than cleaning. I can think with some dirt around, but I just can't concentrate when there's junk everywhere. Sayonara to the "dunk"!
And if you want my dunk, come to my yard sale, hint, hint, hint.

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