Monday, December 29, 2008

Life goes on

It has been a crazy past 6 weeks. 3-4 were filled with sickness for me, but I am happy to report that I am finally feeling better. I was beginning to wonder if I was becoming weak like Clara in the book "Hiedi" or the one sister in "Little Women", I can't remember her name.

I have so many things to post, but because its been so long I am overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. Perhaps I'll scrap the past and just post the now.

Noah is still potty training. He's doing well, with the occasional accident, except for today when he decided the potty was not for him. 7 weeks down, so at least we have that much time under our belt. I really believe potty training to be part training and part waiting. It just takes time before they fully get it. I think the term "fully potty trained" is kind of misleading and I don't know when either of the other kids actually became fully potty trained. It just happened over time. It's a process.

Christmas day was so nice and relaxing. We had the fire on, the kids played, I baked and cooked. We had a few guests for dinner. It was such a nice day.

We spent the Saturday before Christmas with Graeme's family, but I forgot my camera. :( We had such a nice time! The kids all fell asleep in the car and Eli woke up asking to play with James (his cousin). I knew when I saw three bobbing heads in the van on the way home that we would be in for tears when we got home. They always wake up crying when they fall asleep in the car, especially Sophia.

We spent Christmas Eve Eve with my parents. Abbi has pictures of that night. Elijah wanted to be an angel last year, but he was a shepherd, and he was very bitter about it. :) This year he got his heart's desire of being an angel, which he was very excited about. Noah was Joseph and Sophia was Mary. They were all so cute. The older three (Lily, Joey, and Sophia) are really starting to act instead of just wandering around like the little ones. Its such a nice tradition. We ate fabulous food too! It was a great time.

Noah's favorite toy from all of the Christmas holidays? The singing Thomas Toothbrush. It was a big hit. Followed closely by a new "geen gankey". Now he says, "green ganket"! I don't want my baby to grow up.

I hope to post pictures and more stuff soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


Ellen said...

Great post! Glad you're feeling better and the girl that got sick in little Women was Beth. Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I love reading your posts Katina :-) MSS

Jen said...

I didn't realize Pennsylvanians have accents!! Glad you're all feeling better. Happy New Year!