Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Car and the Scars

Well, it looks like my baby will be abiding with us a bit longer. Natasha (my first car) was able to be fixed after all. She's still limping along as she needs new tires and some new noise has cropped up, but she's gonna make it (for now :)). When I bought her 8 years ago, my Mom said, "You'll be driving your babies around in this car", and she was right! However, I did not know how interesting a ride it would be...three car seats in the back seat of a little Nissan Sentra puts Mom's head about 2 inches from the's a wild, wild ride! :)

Safety Warning: If you are clutzy, do not attempt to drain a large pot of boiling pasta. Instead, opt to "scoop" out some of the water first so that you do not burn your hand and wrist.

Yup, I'm a clutz. A Doctor's office co-pay, ibuprofen, and several yards of gauze later it's still covered in bandaids. I'm THANKFUL that the kids weren't nearby when it happened or they might have been burned too.

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Mom said...

I said that??? Haha!