Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Starbucks Review from a Non-Coffee Lover

Yesterday was my first visit to Starbucks. My sis-in-law and bro-in-law (My bro-in-law makes a mean cup 'o joe) gave me a gift card for my birthday. I was so excited to try out Starbucks and feel like a "cool person" who goes to Starbucks. I had no idea what to choose, so I asked the Starbucks employee what was popular. He said the Pumpkin Spice Latte was very popular and he liked it a lot. Well, I never knew that pumpkin went with coffee, but I thought I'd give it a bash because he said that it was good. I ordered the 12 ounce size with decaf, nonfat milk and whipped cream. The price tag for this "classy beverage" was well nigh $4. the calories from my little drink...260 (and that's with nonfat milk)...that's more calories than my Cheerios breakfast. I really enjoyed the was fun, but do people go here all the time? Isn't it just a bit pricey? And....hello, one drink is like a meal! My belly was full after I drank it...but it was very good.

I think that drinking coffee is about an experience; it's like belonging to a sort of "brotherhood" of "coffee people". I don't think I belong to this group. It's expensive, high calorie, and it has caffeine. Now, I don't want to stir up trouble with all of my coffee loving friends, but is it really right to be addicted to caffeine? We learned in health class that caffeine is a stimulant. I'm not trying to stir up trouble, but what's the big draw with coffee? It's a nice treat once in a while, but why do people love it so much?


Anonymous said...

I don't do starbucks very often. It's definetely a treat! But I must say, I do like my flavored decaf coffee, especially on those cold winter days. Without the sugar, it's not that many calories. And it's tasty enough that it helps curb my appetite for those other "no,no" treats!
Jennifer Poncavage

Melissa said...

well, I must admit to being a Starbucks girl myself, it doesn't help that it's pretty close to where I work. I find my car drifting over there more often than not. Thankfully, my husband's addiction rivals mine, so we aren't at odds about the expense.

Katina said...

Well to be honest with you Melissa, everytime I drive past Starbucks I feel a tug on my tires to turn and partake of the coffee goodness. :) Starbucks is very yum-o! However, my hubs doesn't share the love when it comes to coffee, so it's just not that fun. I think that's the draw of hang around other coffee enthusiasts and share the love, it's like a little "coffee lovers brotherhood" or something, at least that's how I perceive it.

Enjoy the goodness!

Anonymous said...

I love Starbucks coffee. Its like rocket fuel in a cup. Probably spend about $50 a week there. So good though