Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Post!

I just read a wonderful post. It's just what I have been thinking about recently. It's easy for us to be critical, it just comes naturally, doesn't it? It takes work to be a blessing to someone else, especially someone who is not like you, or doesn't do things your way. We're all different, with different strengths and weaknesses and different homes and house rules. Our children will scuffle with one another, but our goal is the same, to raise children who love and fear the Lord.

The Lord has been working in my life to take more opportunities to encourage others. Do you love your kiddos? Do you love husband? Do you stay home each and every day with your munchkins? I do to. That's a wonderful thing and is worthy of commendation not criticism. We're all different, but our end goal is the same and encouragement is a necessary part of the recipe for success at home. Read the excellent article by Amy here.

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