Monday, May 5, 2008

Little Men

Friday night Graeme came home late and had to had to mow the lawn. We were starting to get multiple flyers left on our door from lawn companies. You know it's bad when the only part of your lawn that is green are the clovers. :)

Elijah woke up and needed some potty help. His potty help necessitated a bath, so I started the water while I assisted him. As I was just finishing with him and my hands were in need of washing, Noah sauntered in the room in his cute little blue polo outift. He loves water and went over to the tub to put his hands under the faucet. I looked over, and watched as he started to lean over the tub. I started to panic as I saw his legs lift off the floor as he started to slide himself over the edge of the bathtub. There was nothing I could do to stop him from getting into the bath tub but say, "no, no" as my hands were a little dirty shall we say. It was such a unique moment to have one happily playing in the bathtub fully clothed. :) Sophia came in and saw Noah and said, "Mom, can I do that too?". They all had a nice bath and were all nice and clean for bedtime. I wish I could tell you that the story stops here.

Later that night when Graeme finally got inside from mowing the beast that is our lawn, he needed dinner. We got him some gourmet frozen pizza *wink* and all sat down for a little relaxin'. But wait, what's that I hear? The powder room door was left open? 2.3 seconds later Mommy is in the powder room and what should meet her eyes? It's nothing more than Noah, trying out his aquatic skills again, standing INSIDE the toilet bowl with his hands clutching the toilet seat! So much for cleanliness, clean babies, and clean clothes!

Ps. Dear Son, as I have tried to type this blog post you have headed again for the toilet (I can run faster), drank water from a vase of flowers, and pinched your fingers in the pantry door. It's only 8:30 a.m. Naptime is coming soon.


Mrs W said...

LOL! I have to shut the bathroom door now. My eight month old son decided that he LOVES the bathroom the best, and that a toilet plunger makes the most exciting toy ever...sigh. LOL.

Anne said...

Too funny Katina! Standing inside the toilet, huh?;o).

Katina said...

How funny Mrs. W! :) Yes, these are great memories!