Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, we all shop the same stores, at the same time, for the same bunch of kids. It's a blast to go outlet shopping with my good bud Alison, to buy clothes for her sweet girlies, my cuties, and my sister's darling trio! They look at us funny when we buy 5 of the same dress and just can't understand when we leave with three of the same boy shirts. :) Good, good times, with five of the little darlin's in tow...soon to be six come June.

The pinkish Quintet...Abby and Leah's baby sister already has her own matching dress. :)

The Three Amigos. Elijah wants to pray for Joey every night and now when we ask Noah who he wants to pray for he says, "Doey". He's a popular guy.

Noah: Okay, I'm ready to go now.

Noah: Let me GO!!!!

Noah: Hey cutie, I'll snuggle with you anytime. :)


Dear Abbi said...

I LOVE these pics!! They are all so cute! And apparently, Noah is the popular one, because all of them can't keep their hands off of him. :)

Alison said...

Such lovely looking girls! Can't wait to put that dress on the little one soon.