Friday, September 11, 2009


Bees are an apparently very in demand insect at our house lately. I keep "losing" the bug spray bottle and the hair spray bottle and the water spray bottles to eager bee-slayers. Picture me running around the house when we are late for church trying to find the spray bottles for the boys' hair because they are in the back yard with the eterminated bees.

Noah got stung by a yellow jacket earlier this summer. It was so sad to see his little eye so swollen. The swelling didn't seem to bother him. I immediately went to grab the ibuprofen to give him some, but we didn't have any, he downed nearly a whole bottle of Ibuprofen just the week or two before. Did you know if your 35ish pound 2 year old drinks 4 ounces of Ibuprofen they do not have to go to the emergency room!? Just in case you were wondering.

Okay, back to the bees. The kids are very aware of the yellow jackets and bees in the air and like to talk about how they saw the biggest and the bestest bee and so on. Sophia and Elijah hunt the creatures with shovels, brooms and hairspray, and upon their unfortunate end the bees end up in a plastic sand pail filled with water. This is a tremendously popular pastime at our house this year. Noah, who wants to join in on the big kid fun saw a bee and mused, "Look! A bumble jacket!"

I love that little mischeif maker.

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