Sunday, September 13, 2009


I love how Elijah still says some words wrong. It's some of the last baby-ishness in him. I asked him if he could say vanilla, to which he said enthusiastically, "this time I know how to say it, ba-nel-a!" I love to ask him and then hear him say it as Banella.

We have been doing some phonics in school this year. he's PreK, but we are having fun together. We did the letter "r" one day and I didn't even realize that he says "r" as /o/ or /w/. It's so cute to hear him say, "/o/ you coming?" or "we wan to the pool". Stay little my sweet one.

Eli's favorite things these days are to "sit right next to me" at the table and spread his person all over my lap if I am sitting on the sofa or bed. I love his cuddly-ness.


Rachel said...

I've been surprised at how well he knows his numbers, shapes, and colors! We have a set of puzzles in SS where they have to 'spin' the arrow and then put in the puzzle piece that matches, whether that be a color, a shape, or the number of things on the puzzle piece. He does better than any of the other four-year-olds at identifying the correct piece to put in...and he's very methodical about doing it the correct way until he has finished the puzzle, whereas most spin it twice, and then just put all the pieces in. :o)

Katina said...

That's Elijah to be sure. "Mr. Procedure". He's too much!

Ellen said...

I understand. My 5 year old still says things wrong. I speak to her correctly because I know eventually she has to speak right, but it is so cute. We hold on to our babies as long as we can.

By the way you make an amazing choc. cake!!