Saturday, September 26, 2009


I'm snuggling my little man and have a few semi-quiet moments, thanks to Daddy being home, so I thought I'd say hi!

Graeme and I watched the video I posted last week late one night and laughed and laughed...into bed...the next morning, the next evening, etc., etc. I don't know why we found it so funny. I suppose because it was just so bizarre.

Levi is four months now! I can't believe it. He's getting so big. His first food was a lollipop at three months. Noah fed it to him.

Noah continues his early Friday morning arousal due to the garbage truck coming through the neighborhood. He gets so excited by having a big tough garbage truck that close by. We quietly tuck him back in...only for him to get up again when the recycling truck comes through!

Elijah has been having fun riding bike, doing math, hoarding toys in his bed and cup holders in the van, and really enjoyed playing with the neighbor's "herman crabs".

Sophia says her favorite toy is her real baby brother and is especially fond of trying to get him to smile and also holding him up with her hands under his arms like a mommy. We just went through a major emptying of her room. She loves stuffed animals, but they were overtaking our lives. So, now they are resting peacefully in the black trash bag in the great below of our basement. She's okay with that, and likes having room to walk in her room. :)

Yesterday we got to go to Sight and Sound to see In the Beginning! My Mom watched the two little boys and we took the big kids. It was so much fun...the kids really enjoyed it.

I want to post some pictures, but my computer is giving me problems. Ta-ta for now!