Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At The Farm

When we were in NJ we went to a really nice farm. It was so much fun. We went on a hayride and stopped to pick blueberries, then corn, then peaches. The kids LOVED it and I loved bringing home fresh fruits and veggies. We had fun with our cousins and Aunties too!

Sophia and Markie

Four cousins

Isn't James a cutie? He has the most handsome dimples.
Auntie Ann, Aunt Debbie, and Markie lookin' just like his Daddy.

The wagon. It was a very nice ride with the top to give us shade from the hot sun. South Jersey is much more humid than PA.

Mmmm, blueberries!
The big boys ate blueberries the whole time. Sophia picked a whole quart of blueberries and downed almost every single one before we got home. Noah, well, he's the thirdborn so I parked him close to the bushes and let him pick and eat ripe blueberries, green blueberries, leaves...you ge the idea. He didn't get a stomach ache, but his clothes did have quite a few stains and he was sitting on more than a few berries...oops. :)
Picking peaches
Grandma with her kids and grandkids. It's hard to get a picture of five children 5 and under!

Now that the yard sale, de-junking madness is mostly over (It's never really over, but is a lifelong process, but nevertheless the worst of it is over), I am starting to do some decorating. Our bedroom is mostly done, but I need to get some candles for the candle holder thingy and sheers for the windows. Today, my most excellent Mom watched the kids so I could go out and get a few things for our foyer. Lord willing this Saturday Graeme will hang my pictures and the foyer will be done. I can't wait. The undone-ness of this house is really getting on my nerves. I don't care if everything is perfect because it never will be, but some pictures and a little decor really make a house homey. I love it when I walk into our bedroom because there are a couple of things on the walls and it is clean and mostly clutter free. It just makes me feel at home.

Lately I've been loving the Nester. It's interesting to read about all the things she does as she decorates. I've gotten a lot of ideas from her site. I love her slogan, "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" and I love the curtain mistreatments. I got two curtains at Ross today for $3.99 each, and I am hoping to "mistreat" our bathroom windows with them. I hope it works and looks nice. So that's what I am up to this week. I also had a banner day at CVS today. I just love me a great bargain. TTFN!


joy said...

Were you guys at Johnson's Farm in Medford? That is 20 minutes from my house and I have never been there!

Would you recommend that I take the kids there?

Katina said...

Yes, it was really nice. It was $2.75 per person for the hayride (I think under 2 was free) and blueberries were $2.75/lb., corn $.50 per ear, and peaches were $1.50/lb. It wasn't the cheapest, but it was really nice. They had water coolers at the blueberry field and a covered picnic table area for shade. It was very kid friendly and it was nice that they got to pick three different kinds of fruit.

It was a really big and nice farm. They had a neat playground and petting zoo. I'm not sure if they cost extra or not. I would definitely recommend it!

I didn't know you all were that close to Medford. My sis-in-law lives in Medford and my in-laws live in Marlton.