Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Noah has turned into a chatterbox lately. He repeats everything. My Mom watched the kids yesterday because Sophia's birthday is next week and I needed to get her a few things. When my Mom left Noah said, "I dive" (drive). I said, "in what?". "Mimi's car". "Where are you going to go in Mimi's car?" "Mimi's house". Such a little smarty pants. As I was typing just now he handed me his cereal bowl and said, "finished". No, not done, but finished. Then he proceeded to sing the B-I-B-L-E. It's so cute to hear him talk and communicate.

On the other hand, growing up isn't so exciting. I am happy to report that he now plays with toys for 10 minutes at a time. However, he is such a tall little boy that he can reach the countertops. What used to be a safe place away from the baby is no more. Unless I put the taboo items waaayyy on the back of the countertops. Even so, he has learned from his brother and sister and pulls chairs up to the countertops now. He's pretty slow at pushing chairs around, so I usually catch him before he gets to the countertops. Sigh. Thirdborn. The creative one.

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