Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Again

We just got back from an action packed few days with Graeme's fam. in NJ! One of the many highlights for the kids was riding their cousin's battery powered red mustang. It was so exciting for them. Sophia talked all the way home about how she was going to do chores and save a big bag of money to buy herself a pink car, and that Elijah could save money too so he could buy

It was non-stop fun for the last three days with non-sleep, but what else is to be expected when siblings are sharing an air mattress at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

In the last few days we....

1. Spent two semi-sleepless nights at G & G's house.\

2. Went to Grandpa's favorite restaurant (and our fav. NJ restaurant too!).

3. Dressed up as cows and went to Chick-fil-a and got free food whilst making fools of ourselves. :)

4. (the kids) Saw the ocean for the very first time. They LOVED the waves and the sand. It was definitely a big hit in their book.

5. Ate pizza twice.

6. Drank coffee, coffee, coffee. I'm starting to like the stuff, but I'm still definitely not an every day drinker.

7. Played at the Mickey D's playland.

8. Fed the ducks. Elijah got his fingers nibbled by the ducks a few times because he didn't feed them fast enough and they wanted his food!

9. Played at G & G's park.

10. Drove 340 miles

11. Picked blueberries, corn, and peaches.

12. Went on a hayride with "Farmer Joe"

13. Not one single nap for the kids until Noah collapsed this evening.

14. Had a birthday party for Sophia

15. Played with James and Markie's Mustang

16. Enjoyed a change of scenery.

18. Spent some great times with the family we love and don't get to see too much.

19. I didn't have to cook for three whole days y'all!

It's so true that going away with kids isn't really relaxing. But I do believe it to be a healthy thing to get away and do something different. For me (and the kids) it can break the boredum of being together all the time. We get to be with Daddy, and even though we don't get to "relax" per se, a change of pace is refreshing to the mind and soul. But for now, I'm going to bed. I am tired.

I hope to post pictures later. I didn't get any at the ocean...wah! But I did take a few others. Nighty-nite!

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