Monday, July 7, 2008

Perhaps we should turn our attention to Science instead of Language

I marvel every day and the miracle of speech and how it evolves. Noah is a parrot. He copies everything, and I mean everything we say! From "coupon" to "sandbox" to complete sentences. I thought him so intelligent as he asked for the "boododer" (bulldozer) book, and so amazing when he said, "I no want one more bite", and truly gifted in language and communication when he asked me to not lock his bedroom door. However, although his language skills may be impeccable, we do need to turn our attention to the Sciences.

The other day we were reading a farm book with tactors (tractors) and we got to a page with farm animals on it. Noah skillfully pointed to the cow and said with confidence, "cat!" then he turned his attention to a great big steer and said, "cat!". Graeme had read him some animal books yesterday as they were both home from church because they were sick (can you believe it, again!?). So today I found him in Eli's room trying to climb on the rocking horse proudly proclaiming, "horse-dog", "horse-dog"! Close, but not quite.

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