Friday, January 16, 2009

A few things...

It is c-c-collld today! I am so thankful to have a warm-ish house!

Noah has come down with a stomach virus. It started yesterday, and he is a lot better today, just sleepy and lethargic, which is, I'm sorry to say, kind of nice. Last night we lounged around all evening, and I thought to myself, "why don't we do this more often?". Then I looked over to my little boy sucking his thumb and gripping his ganket and laying on the floor and I immediately knew why we do not lounge around. He's usually not still for more than about 11 seconds.

We were at the farm show this week. I hope to post a few pictures of that. Noah loved loved loved the tractors. he could have played on them all day. I enjoyed all the food...yum! Elijah loved the sheep and the school bus ride (shuttle service) to the farm show from our parking spot. Sophia liked everything, she said. It was a fun, exhausting day. It's always nice to look forward to every January.

Speaking of January, I think it's the hardest month of the year, followed by February and into March. I think the combination of dreary, sunless weather, freezing cold, being cooped up in the house with rowdy boys (they are much rowdier in the winter! ;)), sickness, darkness and my dry skin (eczema) make for a difficult month(s). I am determined to be joyful in January, but some days it's just plain hard, kwim? I never used to mind the winter months, and then I had kids and it all changed.

This year, however, I am very thankful for our garage as it makes going out with the kids sooo much easier than at our previous home where we parked on the street and gambled losing our parking spot everytime we went somewhere, not to mention trying to put kids in carseast with a massive snowbank next to the van. Yes, indeedy, the garage is a wonderful blessing!

Someone's calling...gotta go for now...

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