Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photo Tag

Jeanette tagged me for this fun photo essay.

Here are the rules:

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag four people to do the same.
5. No Cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)

Here's my picture:

This is Sophia when she was five weeks old. Graeme dressed her, but he put her dress on backwards, as you can see. I guess to a man, buttons always belong in the front. :)
I think most people have done this post or have already been tagged, so if you haven't, consider yourself "it"! :)


Jackie's World said...

LOL -that was funny. Poor guy; he didn't know no better.

No No Nanette said...

I wonder if the new baby will resemble Sophia.

I love that you let her stay in the backwards dress - that's a good wife. :)