Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mr. Thumb

Noah is an avid thumb sucker. He's been since he was a tiny baby. He never liked the pacifier. Elijah was a thumb sucker too, but he gave up his thumb at around 11 months. Not Noah. He looooves his thumby. As soon as he gets his geen ganket, in goes the thumb. I know I'm supposed to not like this bad habit, but I do so love it. It's so cute. When I rock him before bed and he is sucking his thumby, it's so sweet and baby-like.
Today before nap, I gave him his ganket, and he told me that he had a hawt fingaw (hurt finger). I wasn't really listening to him, but he kept complaining about it, so I non-chalantaly asked him where it hurt, how it got hurt, etc. just to make him happy. He said Sophie did it (his explanation for everything), and he said it was his thumb. "Turn the light on", he said. So, finally, I did and checked out his thumb. It appeared that his beloved right thumb had a blister that popped or something because his thumby was red and he couldn't suck it because it hurt.
I encouraged him to try his index fingers, both of them, and then his left thumb. They didn't seem to "fit" very well. It was so funny to watch him try to get comfortable with all of the different fingers, He'd move his head back and forth, reposition his ganket under his head, and habitually start to put his right thumb in his mouth, then he'd quickly take it out. This went on for a few minutes. He lasted the longest with his left thumb, but it just wasn't quite right. He looked up at me and said, "this thumb doesn't taste so good!".
He fell asleep without any finger in his mouth. There's just nothin' like 'ole faithful, I guess.


No No Nanette said...

that is so cute! I wonder what a good thumb tastes like:)
& I know what you mean about liking that he still sucks his thumb --I love that Katie still has her paci. It is that little bit of baby left.

Ellen said...

That was a very cute story. I'm sorry his finger is sore, poor guy. I hope it gets better soon. I remember when I was a kid and Noah is right the left one just isn't the same and it doesn't taste as good. My Hope is still sucking her two fingers. It's starting to push her teeth out so we are trying to brake it. It's not working so well though.