Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Winter-ness

The sickness has spread. All the boys have fallen prey, but Sophia and I are still healthy...for now. :)

We had Graeme's fam. on Saturday and we thought Noah was feeling better.....we were wrong. During lunch he started to fuss. I could tell he needed to go potty, but he was very resistent. I bribed him to sit with a lollipop, but then he started to gag on it and then the rest is history. It was very interesting as we had a house full of guests. Thankfully we were in the downstairs bathroom, but I needed a change of clothes for Noah and myself. I called Sophia to get Graeme to get clothes, and just after he came and I was out of dirty clothes, Noah began, e-hem, the other "half" of the illness, all over me and the bathroom. It was highly disgusting. Graeme came back to the room and said, "it smells interesting in here".

All the while the family obliviously enjoying lunch. I was so glad they didn't know what really happened in the bathroom! After 2 or 7 cleanings and an overdose of anti-bacterial room spray along with multiple loads of laundry, and a napping two year old, all was well....until Sunday when Eli started!

I do believe age four to be the age of "vomiting maturity" as this seems to be the age when they really do well with the bowl/bucket concept. He was going until about 3am Monday morning, but he slam dunked every time with no mess. I love the age of "vomiting maturity". It's so much easier. I still slept in between and he didn't cry and fuss.

I also would like to take this opportunity to give praise to the Lord that all eruptions (so far) happened on solid surfaces. I think the Lord knew I wouldn't be able to handle carpet cleaning right now. :)

Sorry for the gross post, but it's part of our family history and I just *had* to record it. :)


Dear Abbi said...

This line is making me crack up to the point of tears... he slam dunked every time with no mess. I love the age of "vomiting maturity"

Alison said...

Thank goodness you and Sophia have been spared!

No No Nanette said...

I am sure it smelled very "interesting." :P

That had to be completely disgusting - but, like you said, thankfully all hard surfaces.

Stay healthy - I had the stomach bug twice when I was pregnant with Katie - no fun.

Anonymous said...

It's very encouraging to me to "hear" (read) you give glory to God for all of the incidents taking place on hard surfaces. Thank you for sharing and looking to God in everything. Jisela