Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Buckling down for the homestretch

Please excuse my lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks. I have been busy doing that nesting thing. We have hung pictures, painted, re-upholstered a chair, hosted a party, re-worked Goodwill lamps, decorated lampshades, sewed pillows, listed ebay, and many other things. I have been a crazy, hormonal pregnant woman. In addition we moved the boys into the same's been interesting to say the least. They are sleeping together at night, but they haven't mastered daytime naps yet. Momma's taken a break from trying because they are wearing me out! All this was coupled with Graeme working and having a class that keeps him late sometimes. It has been crazy.

I've tried to post a time or two, but for some reason wasn't able to get on my blog or I was able, but then my computer I gave up for a while.

The last trimester is my time to focus inward. I'm tired and I mostly just want to be at home resting or nesting. It's also coooolllld this time around! Both boys were born just as winter was beginning so it wasn't so miserable to pack up kids and go out. I cannot wait for spring!

In my deranged state, I still have some more goals before the baby is born. One fo them is cooking "for my freezer". We have a big freezer in the garage and I like to cook ahead and freeze meals so I don't have to cook when the baby is born. So far I have made a Mac'n'cheese/ham casserole or two and turkey barbeque. My freezer thanked me for starting to fill her up, she was hungry.

Things are slowing down for Graeme at work, and our house projects are virtually done. Now it's just cooking, preparing for the baby, which I haven't done much of yet, his closet is organized though. Actually, everyone's closets are organized...crazy woman.

Hoorah for the last few weeks of winter, bring on Spring!

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