Saturday, March 21, 2009

Christmas 2008

Way old, I know, but better lates than never. :)

One of the klassiest ornaments on the tree... :)

We have a foam artist in the house...

My favorite Christmas sight...

Sophia with her presents. The tinkertoys were a big hit!

Noah's favorite was his new geen ganket and Thomas toothbrush!

Elijah's favorite was his eemote (remote) controlled car!

Our firstborn son with his goodies...

Noah with Baby Jesus's birthday cake. More foamies courtesy of "the artist". :)
I was soooo sick right before Christmas that I thought it was going to be totally horrible, but thank the Lord I got well and we were able to enjoy a relaxing Christmas together!

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No No Nanette said...

those same walkie-talkies were under our Christmas tree - and they didn't work very well. I suppose Walgreen's isn't known for their high quality toys:)