Thursday, March 5, 2009


After playing in the basement Noah said, "I go down in da batement and play on the treadmilk (treadmill)!"

Yesterday he told me he wanted a "tractor for Christmint".

I love that boy, but I fear his allegiance has officially switched to Daddy-o, not that that's not where it's always been. My kids are huge Daddy fans! Ever since he moved into the "bottom gunk (bunk)" he doesn't want me to rock him before his naps anymore. I used to love to rock him and enjoy him sleeping against me, but no more, he's too big and mature for that! I'm glad I get another one to cuddle soon. :)


Rachel said...

Aw, it's hard to imagine him talking that much. :) He certainly is growing up quickly!!!

Been thinking of you lately...hope everything is going okay!

Dawn said...

I just love 2 year old talkers. They say the cutest things. :)