Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here we have the resident Ham being his usual lightning-speed-silly-self. I haven't put pictures on my blog in forever...that's because I haven't taken any pictures....bwah!

So Noah moved into the boy room with Elijah. He resides on the bottom bunk or so we thought. We have been having a terrible time with him waking up too early in the morning. He would be up around seven and be completely miserable all day because he was tired. We couldn't figure out why he was waking up so early. Finally, Saturday night as Graeme and I were talking in bed we realized that we have never checked on him to see where he is actually sleeping or if he is staying covered up, etc. after we leave the room. So, Detective Dad went in to investigate. Much to his surprise he found a little ball on the middle of the floor, asleep on top of his geen ganket. Ever since Saturday night we have found him either on the floor in the fetal position, backwards in his bed, or not under the blankets...B-I-N-G-O! Now he is sleeping much better, and longer, and he's not grumpy...and neither is Mommy. :)

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