Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

I've been tagged by Joy and Dawn! I'm so glad two people tagged me because I whenever I am normally tagged I read it and think "that's nice" and then totally forget to do my part! :)

Here are 6 utterly important things about me!

1. Hmm, I'm the baby of my family and the thirdborn. A great place to be in the ranks, I think!

2. I used to sleep under our full sized bed when I was little because Abbi and I wanted bunk beds. My Dad would pull me out by my legs to put me back into bed and I wouldn't even wake up.

3. Sitting still is not in my nature (wonder where Noah gets it?) and I really hope to become more of a sitting still type of person one know, balance is important.

4. I baked and decorated my own wedding cake.

5. Both of my boys were born naturally (I was induced with Soph) after eating pizza the night before their deliveries. Oh, and they were both a week or more late.

6. And dum dee dum, my biggest secret is that I am a famous, gymnast, dancer, and figure skater, all on the stage of my own kitchen floor.

Such exciting facts!

I tag:

Rachel A.


Rachel H.


Alison said...

Cute facts! I might have to list some of my own even though you didn't tag me.

Katina said...

Great! Can't wait to read your answers!!!

Dawn said...

You made your wedding cake!?! That is really cool. Any chance of a picture?

Jendi said...

I posted it..finally.

What's your favorite type of footwear when you are performing in your kitchen? Socks, bare feet, shoes?