Monday, September 1, 2008

Ready or not...

here we come! We are starting school tomorrow. Sophia is in first grade this year and Elijah is in wannabe school. Noah is hopefully still going to be in "nap school" when we do school.

Last year we started in the very end of July. I was so nervous to start school because I had no idea what to expect. This year I know more of what to expect, but truthfully, I'm not ready. I'm ready as in I have a lesson plan book with lesson plans, all of our school books and a basic plan for the year, but I just don't feel ready. We going on vacation soon and I've got that on my mind not to mention curtains and house stuff. Sometimes you just have to do what you know to be right whether or not you feel like doing it, kwim?! I know it's time to start school, so ready or not here we come!

BTW, my sister and I went curtain/fabric shopping today and did anyone else go to Chick-fil-a for the free chicken strips if you wore a team logo shirt? One of us didn't have a team logo shirt so she printed out a logo on a piece of paper and pinned it to her shirt. We'll stoop to new lows for free Chick-fil-a! We also used coupons for free chicken sandwiches at McDonalds. It was so much fun! However, after an unfortunate incident, I locked Abbi's keys in her car....can you believe it!!!! After last week. Fortunately, we were close to home so Scott came and rescued us. It was a very embarrassing moment. :) When will I learn?

Ps. In case you were wondering, I don't think Sophia was trying to assassinate her dolls, I think she was just playing with them and swinging them. It just looked so funny! She loves yarn, she does all sorts of unique things with it. She pulls cars and trucks with it, she plays horsey with her brother with it. When Graeme got a remote controlled heliocopter for Christmas she wanted to hang one of her toys from it so it could go up in the sky, and I cannot begin to tell you all the many items she has hung from the loft in our family room all with a $1.50 skein of yarn from Wal*mart. It doesn't take much to entertain in this house. :)

Signing off so I am rested and ready to take the homeschool plunge tomorrow...

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joy said...

Happy First Day of School!!!

Hannah started last week, and I felt the same way. I was NOT ready. But, Praise God it went better than I could have imagined and here we are on our second week!

We also got our free strips at Chick Fil A yesterday! I LOVE that place.