Thursday, September 18, 2008


Welcome to the belated vacation post. I didn't download my pictures until this morning. We had a great time! When the kids saw the pictures this morning, they would have liked to go back on vacation!

Our first stop was at the Pretzel Factory.

The Antique car is a BIG highlight. The car runs as well, but we weren't offered a ride so we just let the kids sit inside.

The bathtub in our old and dated 80's unit is always a hit with the kids. This year they were asking about it before we ever left. The tub is like a big red, round barrel.

Noah was especially fond of the the big tall bathtub and he jumped around in there until he had bruises. It was quite painful to watch, but he was happy nonetheless. :)

This was a new attraction for us. We've been to Bushkill Falls a few times, but this year we heard about Dingmans Falls and decided to give it a try. The trail was sooo nice, we could push the stroller and it was entirely free.

The "big" waterfall

We climbed the 124 steps to the top of the big waterfall. That was fun and left us out of breath!

Noah at the top of a waterfall = dangerous situation

Thankfully, there were railings.

Elijah and Sophia found this "Pet" as they call any animal or insect that they catch. Of course, they wanted to bring it home, but we convinced them it was best for the caterpillar to stay in the forrest.

Still to come...the latest Free Gift Bar offerings for Odd Lot Outlet. Stay tuned for this great excitement!!!!

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Dawn said...

Looks like lots of family fun! :) That is a really cool tub.