Monday, September 29, 2008

Pike's Place is not a good place for me to be

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day at Starbucks. They are giving away free coffee to teachers and homeschoolers count! I was so excited as the kids drove through the drive thru for my free Pike's Place coffee.

We went home and I let each of the children have a miniscule sip (I wanted the boys to nap!) and I added a little ice cream to it and enjoyed my cup 'o joe...mmm. I'm not a regular coffee drinker, but I like it for something different. I call my self a social drinker that is. Isn't that what drinking coffee is all about anyway?

I should have known something was terribly wrong when my heart started racing right after finishing my coffee. Apparently, pregnancy *can* make one extra sensitive to caffeine. I had no idea as I am not a regular caffeine consumer. Wow! It's been an interesting several hours since the initial caffeine intake. I have never actually thrown up with any of my pregnancies, but as I was leaning over the kitchen sink this afternoon, I thought my vomit-less streak was over. I was actually hoping it was over. :) But alas, the streak continues as does my headache, heart-ache, and stomachache.

Farwell, Pike, I didn't enjoy your place very much and think I shall never wish to visit again.


Jackie's World said...

Awe - sorry to hear you got sick over a wonderful cup of heaven...but wait a second. Are you telling me that you are with child?? I did not know this! Congratulations! (if you are, and sorry for the misunderstanding if you are not. :)

Katina said...

Yup, there's another kiddo on the you're blog btw! I found the google video especially fascinating!

Jendi said...

My sympathies to you along with a hug.

Sorry to hear such an exciting freebie bombed.

Glad to hear of your vomit-less streak. :)