Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Week

The first week of school is going fine. I think I am going to like our curriculum choices this year, but I won't know for sure until the end of the year. What I like about them is that they are simple and to the point.

Sophia is still into catching butterflies. She has caught several of the common types so now she lets them go because she has so many of them pinned (poor butterflies). We don't have many of the larger kinds in our yard because we don't have any plants, but Graeme caught a monarch at our park and I caught a couple of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails at my Mom's. We need the black Swallowtail yet, so hopefully we'll catch that one soon. I am so amazed by all the different varieties and the beauty of each one. She caught a tiny little butterfly the other evening and the detail of it was just amazing. I never realized there were so many varieties of butterflies in our area until Sophia took up butterfly hunting. It's so fun to watch her run around the field till she's red faced and out of breath, net in hand, shouting at the butterflies as she goes about. I love that she has taken up an interest that she enjoys. It gives me another glimpse into her and what she is all about.

I hope to soon finally have curtains up in her room and do some decorating in there. Can you guess what she wants for her bedroom? Butterflies, of course! Thankfully it seems butterflies are a popular decor choice.

The house is mostly "done" (I use the word done loosely) except for the main living areas (kitchen, family room, LR/DR). Why did I wait til the end to do the areas I look at all day long? Anyway, onward and upward, tomorrow is another busy day...

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