Friday, September 5, 2008

My Sweetie Pie two years ago

This is my Elijah two years ago, right around this 2nd birthday. This is one of my all time favorite family videos. He was just so cute and chubblicious at 2! He hardly talked at this age, but he did his trademark pig impersonation. He also didn't know how to say the word "yes" so any answer in the affirmative was "I do". That made for some funny question and answer times.

Right now Noah is about the same age as Elijah was in this video. I can't believe how much Elijah has changed and how I know Noah is going to change just as quickly. Seeing how much E has changed makes me want to relish in my baby Noah all the more because I know that I will blink and he will be almost four just like his big brother! Time, slow down!

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