Sunday, September 21, 2008

Odd Lot and Souvenirs

While we were on vacation the kids, of course, got their souvenirs from Odd Lot Outlet. Odd Lot is one of our most anticipated stops each year! Their treasures included: a small plastic bowling set which broke and is getting thrown away this week, a moon buggy complete with astronauts similar to plastic toy soldiers (the moon buggy was destroyed the first day....this is reel quality stuff folks!), a bow and arrow set (the arrows are gone now - oh the quality!), a couple of balls, and Sophia got her china doll back.

Last year she got a china doll at Odd Lot and through a series of unfortunate event her klassy china doll got broken. Of course, Odd Lot advertises that, "if you see it, buy it now because it may not be here tomorrow"! However, we see many of the same items year after year. I assured Sophia after the unfortunate demise of "Rose" earlier this year that, "I'm sure Odd Lot will still have another doll exactly like Rose", and we were not disappointed. Here is Sophia with Rose #2. She promises to never drop her off the loft again. :)

I thought I'd also add a few of the wonderful samplings from Odd Lot's world famous free gift bar.

Sophia at the free gift bar!

Free Gift Option #1 - a beautiful Mom's kitchen knick-knack, painted by a sweet lady in China I'm sure. Isn't it lovely and wouldn't you want to adorn your kitchn with it?

Free Gift Option #2 - a Mardi Gras bracelet. You never know when you will need one to complete your outfit!

And Option #3 - a little basketish whatcha ma callit, bauble-ish, doo-dad, trinkety, knick-knack. It's always good to have one of these on hand.

And last but not least, Extra eyelashes and eyeballs because, well, just because I guess!

There really were so many delightful choices this year, I wish I could have taken the time to show all of them to you! I am happy to report that there was one good item in the free gift bar - paper race car tablecloths! I think Elijah is going to have a race car birthday this year. The boys came home with Easter bunny plastic/cardboard airplanes and Sophia got a little plastic bird that you can balance on your finger...we got the birds last year too. The turnover of merchandise is just phenominal over at Odd Lots!

My souvenir was a beautiful, long red serving dish from my favorite pottery shop. The shop has a great nature trail with suspension bridge which is always a hit!

However, my favorite surprising souvenir was this...

This 'lil test became positive only after the allowable time limit so I wasn't sure that it was accurate and so I didn't get another test until the week after we got home (we were busy unpacking, schooling, etc), but sure enough, that one was positive too, so it looks like there will be a new kiddo at our house sometime next May. Isn't that the best souvenir of all? However, I did manage to throw this souvenir away whilst unpacking the many grocery bags that we packed to bring home - glad I took a picture of it! :)


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!!!
That is so exciting!!!!
Congratulations :)

Rachel said...

Ahh that is soo awesome! Funny way to put it sneakily into your post like that! Congratulations, Katina!

Anne said...

Very happy congratulations to you!!! That is so exciting:o).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Katina! That's so great :-) MSS

Jendi said...

Congrats to you and your husband!

Katina said...

Aw, thanks girls!

Kristin said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a clever announcement! ;o) Never saw it coming. Then as I'm scrolling down, I see the silouette - I know those things a mile away....and I thought 'Ew they had those in the free bins?' LOL. Must be late....So happy for ya!

Katina said...

Thanks Kristin! Yeah, you'd know PG tests a mile away after all those pregnancies!!! Yay for you, you're almost at d-day!