Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here's the keepin' it real post, and I might add, my pictures are very real! ;)

The rules: Post photos of the following 10 "real life" primping, prepping, or picking up.

1. The fridge

2. A closet - This is Noah's closet. In a picture it looks a lot messier than I thought it was...oops! Do you love my mongo diaper stash thanks to a free diaper deal at Walgreens a couple months ago? We've been living off them for the past couple months with more in the stockroom, er closet, to boot. I love me a free diaper deal!

3. The kitchen sink - there's a few grossy ketchupy dishes in there - this is reality, remember???

4. A toilet - Doesn't everyone have a stash of unraveled toilet paper on the back of their toilet? OR a plastic grocery bag hanging on the toilet paper holder filled with unraveled paper?

5. My favorite shoes - Right now my favs are my hot pink crocs. Hate me all the croc-haters of the world!!! :) There just so comfy and space-ish.

6. My favorite room - Our bedroom. As the instructions stated, I did no primping. (You probably noticed that by now. :)) Apparently, the day these pictures were taken wasn't one of my best domesticated, Martha Stewart, hearth'n'home-ish, Southern Living-type days.

7. What my kids were doing when I took the pictures - Soph and Noah were playing and Eli was sleeping...I didn't dare take a picture of him for fear of awaking the prince.

8. The laundry pile - See my dirty clooottthhhhheeessssss???

9. Self Portrait - the kids and me at the pumpkin patch. I should've taken off the glasses. Ah, hindsight is 20/20...

10. Dream vacation spot - 24 hours in my bed or somewhere else restful, with no one bothering me. I would post a photo of myself asleep in bed drooling, but I don't have one...whew! (I crack myself up)

Feel better about your messy or not so messy house now??? :)


Dear Abbi said...

I love all of the Daisy sourcream in the vegetable drawer. Looks familiar.

This is what my house looks like this week. :)

Jendi said...

I do! I feel better.
The lady who commented before me had such a tidy house! :)

I had to laugh at the stack of TP. We just finished our stack.
Now I've started squishing the new roll of TP so the brown roll in the middle is oval. It stops the TP from unraveling so easy.

Ellen said...

No, I totally do not feel better. Your house is beautiful. I love the color in your bathroom and your Bedroom is gorgeous. I still refuse to post because I would have to primp. I'm so not a good homemaker. I do try though. Maybe you guys can try again next month and see how I'm doing then,lol.

Anne said...

I detest Crocs with a passion, but I simply cannot allow myself to hate anyone for that reason...or actually any reason at all:).

Dawn said...

We don't usually have a stash of unrolled TP, but we do get dunked rolls. lol!

Katina said...

Abbi - Gotta love Daisy and Giant. :)

Jendi- I LOVE the squeeze the toilet paper roll genius!

Ellen - you have a great excuse, your pregnant. It's always nice to have an excuse to fall back on isn't it? I'm PG, I'm Bfing, the baby's teething, I'm homeschooling..blah, blah! :)

Anne - I'm so glad you still love me. :)

Dawn - I have never had a dunked roll yet...yup, that'll probably be next.