Thursday, October 16, 2008

Under the Oven Challenge

My friend Nan (I would hyperlink her name to her blog, but she doesn't have one yet, hint, hint. She's hysterical, you'd love her. :)), e-mailed a few friends recently about the "under the oven challenge". She told us what she found under her oven and challenged us to beat her list. I forgot all about this until another friend posted her findings tonight, and, well, I'm in a full disclosure sort of mood, so here's what I found under my oven:

1. One spool of thin gold Christmas ribbon

2. One hot wheels truck

3. One sweet streets doll

4. A piece of popcorn

5. gum wrapper

6. Ooodles of dirt, trash, and drywall dust. Apparently the oven was never pulled away from the wall.

7. On hot wheels race car

8. A hairpin - I don't think it's mine...eeew!

9. A 1/2 dollar...definitely from the previous owner...that's big money! :)

10. Paper airplane

11. A tablespoon measuring spoon from someone before us with crusty goo on it....yuck!

12. Two dowel rods...I think I found the secret hiding spot!

13. One super ball.

14. 7 filth encrusted ant traps....I wonder why there were ants under there? The grody spoon perhaps?

What's under your oven???


Dawn said...

Interesting...some of those things could be useful. lol!

My oven is built into the cabinets so I have no "under the oven" to worry about. :) "Under the fridge"...totally different story.

Tiffany said...

When we were moving into our house, Mom K and Hannah and Dan were helping me clean the whole kitchen top to bottom - it was GROSS.

But under the fridge there was a giant dust bunny only the dust bunny had more of the shape of a dust mouse....oh wait that is because it WAS a dead mouse covered in dust!! YUCK!!!!!!

Nanette said...

You totally beat me! That list was just, well, wonderful! Dowel rods were my favorite found item.

On the previous post, I was cracking up at the unrolled tp. Katie unrolls my tp from time to time, and I save it too, if I can. Too funny!

You really are keeping it real. If I ever do start blogging (I often consider it) I would always be in fear of a keeping it real tag. My closet would probably stay a lot neater though:)

Jackie's World said...

That was totally nasty...I was literally cringing.

Katina said...

Dawn - I want to know what's under your fridge!!! :)

Tiffany - I think your story takes the award for the "grossest under the oven find"! Congratulations, wear your badge with pride! :)

Nan - The dowels are my favorite too, because, you know, I need them!!!!

Jackie - I'm sorry you are cringing.