Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flashback Meme

20 Years Ago...

I don't remember much about twenty years ago, but I know I was in third grade, and I can't remember who my teacher was (Jen P., do you remember?)! We lived in our house on Dott St. and I *think* I used to ride bike a lot at this age. One of my favorite activities was to ride across the street to the office building and check all the newspaper machine coin returns, and check under the machines for loose change...I was a bargain hunter even then! The thrill has continued through the years although now it includes free diapers and getting paid to buy things! Love that!

10 Years Ago...

I met my future husband sometime this month, although I don't really remember the first official time we met very well. We met at church when he moved to the area for his first job after completing college.

3 Years Ago...

We went to the pumpkin patch! Elijah had just celebrated his first birthday and Sophia was only three years old. They were such babies!

1 Year Ago...

At the patch yet again, only with 11 month old Noah in tow. We were just about to find our new home and put our Haas St. home up for sale. It was a crazy and exciting time! Sophia had started kindergarten, and it was our first year of homeschooling. I did Sophia's hair in "Gretel buns" (from the Sound of Music) a couple of times at her request. We also celebrated Elijah's third birthday.


Hmm...I did laundry, homeschooled, put away the laundry, made phone calls, took the kids bike riding, truck riding, and park playing. I nursed a hurt girlie, went Marathon Monday shopping with my sister, grew a baby-licious, straightened up the house, did dishes, and prepared for the Pumpkin patch. I can't remember what else!


We went to the Pumpkin patch! That's an October trend for at least 5 years running. I'll post pics later.

The Future

I hope to continue doing all the Mom things that I am doing now and hope to have a new sweet baby next year, Lord willing. My main concern for the future is to be faithful to our dear Lord and not to slow or stop serving him any year of my life...neither next year nor in 30 years.


Ellen said...

Great posts. I thought I had you in my follower list, but I didn't so I had to catch up. How far along are you and are you gonna find out what the sex is?

Jackie's World said...

That was a neat post...

Kelly said...

Hey mama!

It was wonderful to meet you guys at the pumpkin patch! You and Abbi are ADORABLE! I hope we can all get together when Ed and I (and Grace, obviously, LOL) move up that way.

P.S. I was a loose change diver, too. :o)

Katina said...

Ellen, I am 10 1/2 weeks, and I never found out with the othes, so we probably will not find out with this one either.

Do I need to subscribe to your followers list or something? I love so love your blawg. I use bloglines to read it.

Kelly- I would love to get together again. It's fun to meet bloggers IRL!

Thanks for stopping by all!