Friday, October 10, 2008

Bedtime for Noah

Noah's bedtime involves lengthy conversations started and spoken mostly by the lil' man himself. He woke up a few times in the last month or two, I think because he had a bad dream or something, and he laid against me at 2 or 3 in the morning rehearsing the events of his dream and anything else that captured his fancy. It was so funny to listen to, bleary eyed and in the middle of the night!

Tonight's conversation was especially interesting. First he told me about how he wants to ride in the tractor and go on a hayride...right then and there. Then it was that he wanted to ride PopPop's tractor and move the steering wheel in PopPop's work truck. When I kept shutting him down with, "no, not now, it's bedtime" he resorted to the "I needs". "I need a cookie, Mommy". "I need ice cream, Mommy". I need Lejo (jello), Mommy". Why ask for plain old water or bread when you can go for the gold and ask for all the treats your little two year old mind can remember? Next was a few rousing rounds of "How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea" sung by me and then "by myself" boy. I *thought* things were winding down when he broke the silence with, "Who tooted?" I said, "it must have been you." He followed with, "Daddy tooted. Sophia tooted. Daddy stinks." A minute later he proceeded to blow raspberries. What is it with boys???

I love these conversations.

As an update, the boy took a fantastic nap today and slept wonderfully last night...I was sooooo thankful! He was also a lot more sedate today, I think because he is finally catching up on sleep. We got all of our schoolwork done; it was great...we'll see what happens tomorrow. ;)

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Anne said...

I love the going for the gold comment:). That was great!