Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Elijah's Birthday Present

Ever since Elijah rode his cousin James' battery powered Mustang this summer, that is all the boy talks about. Well, the little man's 4th Birthday is coming up this Thursday and I had asked him what he wanted for his Birthday. Each time he would reply, "a car that when you push the pedal it goes", just like James. Now that's a pretty tall order for a four year old! However, Daddy seemed to take a liking to James' car and thought it was pretty awesome...it's a man thing I guess. I set out to try and find one second hand (they are sooo expensive) and this is what we came up with....

The smile on his face says it all.

The truck is missing the windshield sticker and it's faded, but he LOVES his "monsta truck"! I was so thankful that the we could get him something that he really wanted on the cheap.

We've been watching a lot of this...

...and this...

...and this, until Sophia fell off the back and bruised her back.

I was pleasantly surprised that the kids haven't fought over it...*yet*. Sophia is happy to ride and doesn't care about being the driver, and Noah is unhappy when it is not his turn and can't drive it yet because he's too small.

I never realized how much exercise it took to keep up with one of these vehicles. The kiddos took it out for a spin yesterday, and I had to jog to keep up. Much of our neighborhood is mountainous, thankfully our home is on flat ground, but the walking paths around the neighborhood are quite steep. Hence, the jogging to keep up with them as they began to careen down a very steep grade on the path. I called over to Elijah to brake, he did, and after he braked, he did a complete 360 degree turn, and went crashing into the mulched base of the tree below which was right next to the busiest road in the neighborhood. Didn't I give him good advice? Sophia and Elijah said it was great and was like riding a roller coaster. I thought it was a roller coaster too, one that involved prayer for my children's safety and lives! :)

After that excursion, they wanted to ride bikes and we did, and after a long and exciting ride (which also involved me jogging with Noah in the stroller) Sophia fell and banged herself up pretty badly. She hit her forehead, shoulder, arm, and hand. Now she has bruises from the monster truck and scrapes and bruises from the bike. Why is it when my girl gets hurt I care, but when it's the boys I don't care as much? Is it because she's a girl and is supposed to be delicate? Why is that?

We went on our annual M&M activity to the Pumpkin Patch today. It was sooo much fun! We got to meet The Barefoot Mama today at the patch too! It's always fun to meet other bloggers in real life!

After today and yesterday I am feeling unusually refreshed and energized, but I am also tired!!!! Hope you all have a nice night!


Kelly said...

Ahhh, I love that car! (and I loved meeting you guys!! :0)

I think Grace needs one to help me lose the baby weight after Libby is born. ;o) She'd totally go for it. My dad's an auto mechanic and found one at some place once (it's a Barbie Jeep) but it needs a battery. Whenever we're at their house he just pushes her around in it and she yells, "FASTER, POP-POP!" Now she just needs sunglasses and a handkerchief on her head, the cuteness!

Jendi said...

We had a second hand dump truck. Great fun!
I remember chasing it...
I also remember making it go in a circle when the 1 or 2 yo would ride it so I could just stand in the middle. LOL