Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feminine Friday

I decided to participate in Feminine Friday this lovely Friday! This week was pregnancy pictures!

I have none on the computer from Sophia...pre-digital camera days. I have almost none of Elijah, and I have only these shots of myself the Sunday before Noah was due. I was already 2 days late at this point, he was born the following Saturday...8 days late.

Look at how tired my eyes look in these pictures. Either they are tired or I forgot to wear eye liner or something...probably both...I was most likely up too late the night before baking homemade cinnamon buns whilst re-arranging furniture. The weird things pregnant women do!

The day I went into labor with Noah, I watched 5 children, re-organized my entire house, danced like a maniac with the children and ate After the pizza and dancing to Chopin, I started to have contractions that night. After a sleepless night, "little" Noah made his debut at 7 something-ish in the next morning weighing 9 pounds, 3 ounces, 21 1/2 inches long.

Here's the little man in all of his cute-ness. This was his coming home from the hospital outfit, which he promptly christened with spit up...a sign of more to come. Also, I was a little disappointed when I put this outfit on him and the pants were knickers instead of full length pants. The arms were too short too. It was like a little capri-romper with 3/4 sleeves for boys. It was 0-3 M too! I get so jipped out of the layette with my tunnies!

Be sure to stop over at the Barefoot Mama for more Feminine Friday pregnancy shots!


Dear Abbi said...

Waah! I can't believe that that little striped bundle is NOAH!! Except for the long, spider-like fingers, it doesn't look a bit like him!! I miss his "tiny"-ness. :)

Heather said...

Hi Katina! I found your blog through Abbi's, and just wanted to say that I enjoyed your pictures. I love pregnancy photos! I have a Noah too, and right before his birth I spent the evening making freezer meals. Good thing I did, because 12 hours later, he was here! :)

Kelly said...

I love these pictures! Oh. my. word. Katina. YOU LOOK FABULOUS! I did NOT have a smile that big when I was that pregnant, LOL! You look gorgeous and blue is totally smokin' on ya, mama!

Noah is a doll - Grace was so tiny that it was the opposite problem (she lost a lb between birth and coming home) and she was swimming in things that we picked out to bring her home in and wear as soon as she got to the house, LOL. Praise the Lord for my friend Katie who nabbed the "up to 7 lbs" stuff from Gymboree in anticipation. Very good baby intuition!

You look GREAT!

(And I'm going to remember that about the Chopin and pizza! ;o)